The Board

Kate BowyerProgram Director
Child & Adolescent therapist with over 15 years working with children and families in Australia, the UK and Tanzania, in the fields of education, trauma and family support.
Kate believes in young people and their power to change the world. Kate started Little Paths Australia with the belief that children’s best asset are their families and communities and that education a most powerful tool for change.
Alan BowyerChief Director
Alan is a professional educator with over 30 years of senior experience. He is an experienced Director of various boards and an advocate for children and young people across the world. His belief in education as the most powerful tool for change, drives his voluntary contributions to Little Paths Australia.
Nicole RobertsMarketing Director
Nicole has vast experience in the field of marketing with a background in both commercial and not-for-profit sectors in Australia and in the UK. Nicole is a passionate member of the team who is dedicated to creating sustainable and lasting world change.
Sarah Wentworth PerryPartnerships Director
A country girl at heart Sarah is the Community Director Dent Global.
Also, an Accountability Coach Sarah works to map out what to people really want & hold them accountable to achieving it. Sarah joins Little Paths with passionate intent to contribute to the global goals 2030 and use her skills to connect like minded others with the work of Little Paths.
Peter DouglasFinance Director
Peter is an experienced Business Advisor, Consultant and Accountant with extensive experience supporting and volunteering his expertise to charitable business’ with an ethical pulse. Peter’s voluntary commitment to Little Paths Australia is inspired by his commitment to contribute to the global goals (2030) in sustainable ways.

Committee Board members

Kate Bowyer
Nicole Roberts
Anna Wallace
Lisa Bowyer
Sarah Wentworth Perry
David Rymaz

Tanzanian Staff

Kate Bowyer (voluntary)
Joshua Raphael
Victoria Gores
Diana Sabbo (seasonal)
Mama Rahabu (voluntary)