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Little by little, becomes a lot

We create 'little paths' towards educated futures.

Little by little, a lot can be achieved.  Read more >


We support children in Tanzania who are at risk of living and/or working on the streets of Tanzania. We support them to overcome the impacts of poverty. We assist them to live in the care of a family like unit and ensure that they have access to their entire education.


Educated children are powerful advocates for the world.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, made up only of volunteers.  We are committed to ensuring that all possible funds be spent on the children in Tanzania and their education.  We believe in the importance of family and aim to strengthen families to support all of their children's educational journey's. We believe that girls and boys are equal contributors to the future of the world and we aim to ensure equality in our programs.


$30 will see a primary school child attend one year of school with all that he/she needs.

$300 will see a secondary school student finish one year of school with all of their needs, including tuition, travel and extra needs.  

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